After updating Asha 501, Nokia adds VoIP and WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync as well as the voice-over IP are some of the features that are now with the upgraded Nokia 501.

The Nokia Asha 501 was first launched in the month of May. The phone comes with a screen size of 3 inches and a 3.2MP camera. There was the Wi-Fi option. But Nokia kept the option of going for a single SIM or a dual-SIM card phone. In many countries the double-SIM phones have become a must.

The update has brought the software in the same ranks as that of the Asha 500, 502 and 503, which were announced recently. As and when the users get the update, they can go on to download WhatsApp client and immediately start sending and receiving instant messages.Nokia

Voice calling over the data connections is now easier with the update. Nimbuzz is the social massaging app that can be used for this purpose. In a short time, there were will be more such apps to choose from.

So if you think the update is only about the use of third-party apps, then you are wrong. Nokia has much more to the updates than just that. The Finnish company has made changes in the OS as well. Users will now be able to swipe the screen and invoke camera. If the press is long, which is known as the long press, the camera settings can be brought to the fore.

Fastlane is a key feature for the user interface. With Fastlane, there is a list of recent contacts, recently used apps and social networks. What’s more, users can now personalize this as well and can select what contact they wish to display.

For more privacy, Nokia has made provision for allowing the user to select between just notification icons or full notifications. This doesn’t allow anyone else to view your messages.

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