Use Less Data Button Coming to Facebook’s Android App

Facebook is trying to integrate the “Use Less Data” button in its Android app. Facebook believes you can save on your data this way. Check out how!

Use Less Data

Can you use less data for your internet browsing and still surf according to your liking? Yes, you heard it correct. Facebook is giving you a new option to do this in its Android app so that you do not have to lose much data. Nowadays everybody uses Facebook and it’s time the social giant took steps to work on the data usage. What does it do actually? It basically reduces the size of the images appearing on the news feed. As a result when you download them you use less data on that. This will be available right at the top of the sidebar menu. It is placed in this position in order to test how many of the users are using it.


If you want to save your data, then you should try this option introduced by Facebook. If you are always into your phone and chatting with your friends on Facebook, then this update to use less data is perfect for you. This option will now be available on your Android phone. When you switch on this option, Facebook will use up less of your phone’s data and make the images smaller in size.

No doubt, this update is really going to be helpful for Facebook users. When they use less data, they will automatically save more money on recharging their phone with the Internet packs and you will be free from constant recharging your device with mobile data. So, just try it out yourself and let us know your experience upon using the new feature. How much data have you saved on? Thank Facebook for the new Use Less Data feature.



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