Vaio Laptop Battery with 15-Hour Backup Unveiled

The new Vaio laptop battery and the device have been unveiled and it is estimated that with just a single charge, it will be able to offer 15 hours of backup. The convertible ultrabook by Vaio will give the company a good standing in the market as a one-time arm by Sony.

Vaio Laptop Battery

There is always competition to bring the best to the users always and the Vaio laptop battery feature is one of them. This laptop is called as the Vaio Z. Z stands for zero. And it has to be seen in a positive way. It confirms the beginning – the beginning of a new era of laptop backups.

Features of the Vaio Z

The laptop comes with 13.3” screen and is built with the fifth generation CPU from the house of Intel. There is a healthy swing of 180 degrees, which is possible due to the hinge that sits to the machine’s flipside.


The weight of the device is around 1.34KG, while in thickness, it is around 16.8mm. The picture quality can be measured from the 221ppi with Full HD LCD screen. And yes, it carries support for pressure-sensitive stylus.

Faster Booting

Apart from the Vaio laptop battery upside, the device has another feature to boast of – the high speed SSD. The high speed SSD boots the device at a lightning speed of, believe it or not, 0.3 seconds.

More about Vaio Laptop Battery

Coming back to the battery feature, which is the USP of the gadget, it is estimated that the laptop can run up to 18 days on the setting that is known to trim down on the battery spending.

The Vaio Z has now entered the pre-order stage in Japan. It is understood that the price of Vaio Z wil be something around $1,600, which makes it around Rs. 96,000. Looks certainly costly, but it is still in the early days.

Vaio Z Canvas

There is another laptop – the Vaio Z Canvas. It comes with a slightly smaller display at 12.1 inches. The Vaio Z Canvas also has some stunning features like detachable display screen and a 1TB hard disk drive (HDD). The display resolution is 2560 X 1704.


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