Vernee Mars Arc Antenna Band Design Looks Beautiful

Vernee Mars arc antenna band design looks a pretty sight indeed. Those who have an eye for design, will easily understand how beautiful the design looks.

Vernee Mars Arc Antenna Band Design


Vernee Mars is one of the new phones from the Chinese manufacturing company. The new phone model is going to come up with an unique design that we call it as the Vernee Mars arc antenna band design just like Meizu Pro 6. Meizu was the first one to launch an interesting antenna design in April displaying upper and lower side of the back with curved arc antennas and different colors. The design showcased by Meizu was so good that all the other brands including iPhone 7 is said to be using the same.

Vernee has always been on top for trying new things and this time also they have proved it right by launching the latest functional design displaying the silvery back in dark grey color and upper and lower edges arc antennas.


Basically, Vernee will be the third device to sport the new arc antenna solution globally and we might see other big brands coming up with something like the Vernee Mars arc antenna band design feature very soon. And the other Chinese companies will be keeping a keen eye on this. Who knows, the next such design will emerge from Huawei or Xiaomi.


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