Snapchat Video Calling and Ephemeral IM Features

Snapchat Video calling and ephemeral instant messaging will be the two new features that the service will be soon launching.

Snapchat is also pretty popular for its image-disappearing service has introduced the two new features mentioned above. Now, the users will be able to use the Snapchat video calling feature apart from IM as well.

Snapchat Video Calling

As a matter of fact, Snapchat’s new text chats will be offering a wider range of options to the users for private chat, whereas the ephemeral photo characteristics will be retained.

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With the new Snapchat feature, users can chat with their friends by just a swipe of their name in inbox. And after that, when the user closes the chat screen all the shared data like the chat and the images also get deleted.

But if there is a valuable share in any form – be it the chat text or an image, the users will be able to save the content manually by taking the screenshot or by tapping.

snapchat video

Snapchat video calling will be another new service from the company. The service will auto inform the user if his friend is available for chatting. Once you know that your friend is there, to video chat with him/her, the user just needs to press and hold the video chat button. This action will kick off the video chatting.

Who is a Snapchatter?

Snapchatter is a term the service uses to address the Snapchat users. It is a service, especially targeting the photo messaging. It can also snap photos, record videos, apart from adding drawings and text.

Safe & Secure

But what makes the app stand out of the others in the market is the timing that makes it secure. The user can set the time how long they wish the recipient to view their stuff. So, you control the duration. What’s more, whatever be your data, it even gets deleted even from the Snapchat servers unlike other programs where the data remains on the server. This means the user does not leave any trail behind him. This makes snapchat video the best app around to send naughty messages and images and still remain safe.

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