Wait for Wi-Fi: A new Feature, Our New Savior

Wait for Wi-Fi the new feature that Google is using for its app download is in its trial period as of now. We hope this feature finds its permanent place in the Play Store and makes life easier than before.

Wait For Wi-Fi


Google has come up with this new feature called the “Wait for Wi-Fi” for the app downloads. Most of the Android lovers face the issue of capped data plan which means usage of a limited of data within a particular period of time. This leads to a lot of hassles for the Android smartphone users as the smartphone completely focuses on the optimum use of the apps which only works on data plans.

Google Wait for Wi-Fi feature is available when the smartphone user is not connected to any Wi-Fi connections. You can utilize this app by actually deciding whether you want to download a particular application through your mobile network services i.e. the limited data plan or through any Wi-Fi connection later on. This means that an Android user can now actually use the option to download later through Wi-Fi either at home or work or any other place and not use his mobile data at all.

As there can be no remedy for downloading apps without the use of data hence, tech giant Google is trying to make things a bit easier for us through the Wait for Wi-Fi feature. This feature is going through its test rounds as of now helping the smartphone users defer the download of any app through its data plan and can actually keep it for the later duration when connected to a Wi-Fi signal.

So how does it work? Go through the various apps, and then you can opt for the Wait for Wi-Fi at the Google Play Store for the apps you want to download. This app will automatically download the apps you require when connected to Wi-Fi. This helps us to not to go through the trouble of once again searching the App Store to get the particular app and then download it.

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As already stated, this feature is currently under testing. This actually means a very limited number of smartphone users have this option to actually test it and not all of you can take a chance to use it with your Android devices. It should, however, be kept in mind that if you see the Wait for Wi-Fi feature working on your Google Play account then it does have a condition applied to it. If for any reasons the feature gets cancelled then the app will automatically get downloaded through the mobile data. It is something that you should keep a check on when you have a limited data plan.


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