Why you should wait before upgrading to iOS 7

The iOS7 may certainly look pretty a step further with visual enhancements. The icons look great and quite amazing. However, is it just the right time for upgrading? Here are some reasons why you should look before you leap.
A few bugs could creep up
Any new software needs time to become perfect. This near ‘perfection’ can be attained by trials and errors. This simply means as long as a few people do not use it and come out with various conclusions, it will not be easy to determine how prefect the OS is.
Actually, if an estimate is to be believed, there is 1% of the entire iPhone traffic that is using the iOS 7’s pre-release version. This is nothing compared to the humongous traffic that is more or less likely to install the end product.
This doesn’t mean Apple’s iOS 7 is below quality. As a matter of fact, when there is such a huge upgrade of an entire OS, bugs are likely to show up sooner than later.Apple

All apps may not be compatible
As has always been the case, when a new software version is introduced, applications also mostly require a humble update as well. This helps them in remaining compatible. However, a simple tweak in apps may not always work and some apps are likely to lag behind in this race.
Some apps even do not show up in the list of the updates. This again proves that they are still incompatible. At times Apple will be approving each of the apps before it can be available for the users to download. The possibility of apps getting stuck for approval for days together cannot be overruled.

Older devices may go sluggish
It should be known that the iOS 7 is currently compatibile with only a limited range of devices. This includes iPod Touch (5th generation), iPhone 4, the iPad 2 tabs and all the later devices. This can be interpreted as not all devices carry the same set of features that are seen in iPhone 5C and 5S. The unavailability of any device like the iPhone 3GS spells misfortune as such devices isn’t listed because they would need the latest hardware to support the proper functioning.
Also keep in mind that Apple might not allow you to downgrade to iOS 6, which was possible during the pre-release and the beta.

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