Want to Make Money But Not Getting Your Due?

Want to make money but not getting your due? Has this happened with you before? Yes, this can happen to you too and actually happens to most bloggers around the world.

Do you believe that you have the potential and want to make money, but for some reason or the other, you are not meeting your expectations? This can happen to most bloggers. In fact, more than 90% of the bloggers aren’t even earning $100 a month.

Want to make money but things not happening

So, why does this happen? What are the reasons that you aren’t getting paid for blogging even when all the efforts are being put in? There are a lot of questions to be answered regarding online earning and why you don’t see the bucks. Let’s put first things first. Ask yourself some key questions regarding online earning and especially about your blog.

  • Have you started your blog just to earn money?

  • Is blogging just your passion or your profession?

  • How much you are earning and how much you think you should earn at this stage of your blogging career?

  • How much time do you put in research?

  • What are your sources of earnings at present?

Mind you, this list can grow on and on. There are still some technical questions that I have left out of this list at the moment. Let’s talk about them at a later time.Want to make money

But, the more questions you ask, the more focused you can be. And the more focused you become, the more will your chances of earnings be.

Let’s assume you are focusing on your job well enough. Even then there are some things that can go wrong. One of the prime reasons is you consider your blog just a blog. What you must do is look at your blog as a business and nurture it that way only. When you do it, you will feel the difference yourself.

When you look at your blog as a blog, you will think of posting articles, blog posts, etc. So, this in a way, will keep you tied to only writing as that will be your first priority. But when you turn your blog in a business, you start thinking in that way.

Consider yourself an entrepreneur and you should see the difference. Your mindset will change and so will your approach towards your blog. And once you bring about the change in yourself, things will automatically change around you.

So, if you want to make money, you should invariably have a business-minded approach to see success coming your way.

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