Watch 2 Series Launched at the Apple Event in San Francisco

Watch 2 series has been launched at the Apple Event in San Francisco. Apple is coming up with two series namely Series 1 and Series of the Apple Watch 2.

Watch 2 Series


Watch 2 series second generation is finally launched at the Apple Event in San Francisco. Apple has come up with two variants of Watch 2 this time which they call Series 1 and Series 2. The Series 2 is a more engineered one which is basically for athletes. It is faster with the brightest display and GPS. The watchOS 3 was revealed at WWDC 2016 in the Beta stage earlier this year. It will be made officially public from 13th September. watchOS 3 is capable of instant launch feature which enables you to launch your apps in an easy and quick way. It also features Breathe app which keeps reminding you to do deep breathing exercise, SoS, Fitness apps, stickers, different watch faces, activity sharing and much more. Along with this, Apple Watch 2 series is coming up for the first time with Pokemon Go app. The Pokemon Go app will inform you about how much you have traveled. The GPS helps to coordinate with the Pokemon in the Watch 2.


Apple Watch 2 sports the brightest display the company has ever come up with the 2nd-gen display. It even works seamlessly in sunlight with the 2 times brighter feature. Watch 2 is accelerated by the 2nd-gen System in Package (SiP), 50 percent faster dual-core processor along with the 2 times better graphic performance of the latest GPU. The 1st-gen featured a splash-proof technology. But, this time, it is introducing a full swim-proof version reliable up to fifty strokes to be beneficial for the swimmers. Even the speakers have been designed again which ejects the water automatically.


For the swimmers, Apple now gives an exact calculation of the calories burnt by providing lap counts and more. These features show that Apple Watch has really focused updating its features to be useful to the runners, athletes and swimmers. They have tested the endurance if the Watch 2 with the help of a simulator and making it face numerous strokes. Apple has come up with a milky white version Watch 2 which has a body of aluminum and is strong and beautiful.


The variants will be individually available from 16th September. Along with this, the latest news is Apple’s collaboration with Nike. Apple Watch 2 launches Nike Plus variant which has a phenomenal performance tracking. The president of Nike, Trevor Edwards spoke about the latest features of the Apple Watch 2 Nike+ edition in the Apple event at San Francisco.


Apple has again trusted the Hermès edition for the 2nd-gen just like they did for the 1st-gen. Hermès offers 2 case sizes of 38mm and 42mm. There are various variants of 38mm and 42mm further. These are 38mm Single Tour, 42mm Single Tour, 38mm Double Tour, 42mm Single Tour Deployment Buckle and 38mm Double Buckle Cuff priced at $1149, $1199, $1299, $1399 and $1499 (US) respectively. These are available in selected Apple and Hermès stores, department stores and specialty stores.


Apple Nike+ edition also has the brightest display and is water resistant up to 50 meters. It also features a GPS tracking. All these makes it a great wearable for the athletes and swimmers with a better metric read even in the sunlight. The athletes can now run and track distance, route without the help of an iPhone and also swim while wearing it. This latest edition will be ready for orders from 9th September on You will get these orders from last week of October in a number of countries in Europe and Asia including, India, the UK and the US.

The latest ceramic Apple Watch Edition has a starting price of $1249 on the Apple’s official website. Apple Watch Series 1 will offer colors like gold, rose gold, silver or space gray aluminum. Along with this, a Sports Band with a starting price of $269. Whereas, Apple Watch Series 2 offers same colors like gold, rose gold, silver or space gray aluminum, silver or space black stainless steel. It includes a large variety of bands at a starting price of $369.


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