Watch videos better with the Cinemacraft’s Videogram app

Are you still using the same old version of the video player but are satisfied with it? Why not try something new and cool? There are a range of video apps around. But with most of them, the issue is that they hardly allow the viewers to have any hint of what lies beneath. The misleading thumbnails can eat a lot of time for viewers if they aren’t served with what they are looking for.Videogram
Videogram – the app from Cinemacraft that can give you loads of features and gives your video watching experience a new edge. If you haven’t still checked it out, you will be surprised when you know what it can do.
Thumbnails have been a part of videos since time immoral. And we have had misleading thumbnails as well. But then what is so special about Videogram and how can it make watching videos a new experience? As a matter of fact, the app scans the entire video and generates a summary of the entire video in a pictorial form.
That gives an idea to the viewer what actually are the contents of the video. A user can even get to see the preview of the selected video. Comparing the pictorial summary and the preview makes it easy to know which video you are watching, because thumbnails can at times mislead the viewer as well.
The great thing of the app is that it is free and works on iOS and Andoird. So you can easily download it and use before actually watching an entire video. So, it also becomes a time-saver for you, doesn’t it? you can get the app from Apple Store or Google Play.

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