With Waterlogue Turn Your iPhone Images Into Watercolor Paintings

There are so many apps with different services and Waterlogue is one of them. It turns your iPhone images into watercolor paintings.

If you are a budding painter and painting is your hobby you can use Waterlogue. It is an app that can easily turn your images into a beautiful work of art. But Waterlogue’s services aren’t limited to only this only. The app indeed creates some fantastic images.

John Balestrieri and Robert Clair are the creators of this application. John is currently a developer with Tinybop, which is a kid-centric app outfit. Computers graphics have been the weak point of John Balestrieri and that is what possibly drove him into making the app.

One of John Balestrieri’s biggest disappointments was the programs that could (could not) convert photos into paintings. The results were never as per John’s liking. The results were either pretty horrible or blurry. The absence of any such program or app in fact prompted him to build one of his own programs.

The start wasn’t right up hitting the bull’s eye. John went about bookstores that were the basics of how-to. The efforts were put in all directions, but he didn’t get the desired results. While writing the algorithms of Waterlogue, the creators put in mind that the images should have the touch of a human.

The app has pretty good reviews on the App Store. There are 285 reviews and out of them a whopping 230 of them have five stars. The reasons for this can be varied and let’s not get into that.

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