What to Expect from Apple WWDC: iOS and iRadio

There is a lot to expect from the Apple WWDC as all eyes are on the conference. For Apple Inc. one most important thing is to express that they still are capable of dishing out products to the people that they haven’t yet thought of. So what will be coming out of the Apple WWDC? Will there be an announcement of an iPhone or iPad coming out, which looks the rarest possibility as of now.


It has been more than six years that Apple first came out with an iPhone. It was indeed a revolution then. However, with the introduction of other OSes like Android the gap between an iPhone and Android devices is bridging. One can feel the no-touch gestures on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now on Android have built the same features that can be found on iPhone or iPad.

There have been talks about iOS7 coming out. The restructuring of the iOS could include the changes in the appearance and the looks. However, for people to feel that that sense must go deeper only. What changes Apple brings in Siri will also be worth giving a thought to.

Google Now is still being only felt on Android. And the web giant is working all ends up to bring a real meaning to the “smart” in “Smartphone”. But at the same time, it needs to be seen what Apple does about iOS and what the input has been.


iRadio is the streaming music service. The big three music brands are on the ship. This would allow Apple to steamroller the companies like Pandora by presenting ad-supported services to the hundreds of thousands of users of iTunes. The Genius service is genuinely handy for Apple. The service was launched back in 2008. Genius takes a look at the iTunes library and tries to make out what can go with what.

It is one step closer to making the iRadio out of this world. The reason is simple enough. The best thing that can predict your love for music is what music you had already liked. It does not specifically depend on any other things, certainly not what your pals like.

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