What’s Good For 2014: Should It Be SEO or PPC?

The year 2014 has thrown up a quandary for business advertising – is it SEO or PPC for 2014. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) are both forms of advertising. The year 2013 saw some ‘rumors’ being spread out.


The rumours were about ‘the death of SEO’ and that’s why the natural trend was towards PPC. This also meant spending lesser bucks for SEO.

A Look Back at 2013

There’s no doubt that the rumors on ‘the death of SEO’ were too premature as it still does hold importance. However, the changes made in the Google algorithm also forced to bring in changes in the SEO strategies for marketing. One change was moving from emphasizing on keywords to focusing on relevant content.

The change was certainly a welcome transformation in more ways than one. There was more stress on the quality of the content.

SEO is Still Alive and Kicking

There have been no conclusive reports that would speak in favor of PPC, meaning to say that there might have been a new set of rules where advertisers are seriously considering to move away from SEO. However, there is always the chance to keep continuing SEO even if the rules have been modified in 2014.

According to some experts in the field, moving away from SEO, just because PPC is taking over, can be an idiocy. On the contrary, the plus point is that it now comes in a harder-to-cheat format from Google.

The changes made by Google will not allow the system to be outsmarted by anyone. Though newer rules are in place, the importance of backlinks along with the right value of the keywords will always remain in place. And that’s why it can also reflect on the search engines accordingly.

PPC Becoming a Hot Property

The value of SEO does not underestimate PPC. PPC is certainly finding its feet with more popularity these days. A report from “2013 State of Paid Search” said that 72% of the businesses were planning to spend more bucks on PPC. The bulk of the spending for the paid search comes with Adsense. Ads from Facebook and Bing are also contending for the same.

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