Whatsapp Blue Ticks: How to Disable Blue Ticks on Android

WhatsApp blue ticks have made life easier for some, while for others this feature is a no-no. After an outcry from the users, WhatsApp has now come up with a solution to the problem.

What’s WhatsApp Blue Ticks

The popular mobile communication app, WhatsApp had last week brought a new feature for WhatsApp Android users – the blue ticks. WhatsApp has features to allow the users to know if their messages have been sent and delivered.

A single gray tick means the message has been sent and two similar ticks means the message was delivered. Now, the presence of two blue ticks was a step further, which showed the recipient had read the message.

This forced people to respond to the messages, due to the WhatsApp blue ticks, because the sender knew that the recipient read the message.

WhatsApp Forced to Make Changes

When on one hand it was the users, who were forced to reply, WhatsApp too is forced to introduce one change in the privacy section. As the users have the option to hiding ‘last seen’, users will now also be able to hide the WhatsApp blue ticks preventing the sender the confirmation.

Keep in mind one thing though, once you have disabled the option, you won’t be able to check if other people have read the messages or not. However, the feature only comes for the Android users as of now. The 2.11.444 WhatsApp version is the latest that allows you to make these changes.


The latest version is available for download on the app’s site.

So, here is how you can disable the WhatsApp blue ticks. Follow the steps given below (works with Android 2.1 and higher):

  1. Go to Settings and activate ‘Download from Unknown Source’
  2. Open WhatsApp web site to download the APK file
  3. After downloading the file, install the app
  4. Once it’s installed, open the app and once again navigate to Settings
  5. Click Privacy in Account
  6. Here you will find the option ‘Read Recipients’
  7. Clicking it will disable the WhatsApp blue ticks in the messages

Available Updates

As stated above, the WhatsApp blue ticks update is currently available only for the Android users. And yes, it is still to show up on Google Play Store too. Windows and iOS are yet to get these updates.

There is still no word on when the other OSes will get this update and when they will be available on Google Play and App Store.

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