WhatsApp Camera Features: More Features, More Fun

WhatsApp Camera Features have been upgraded lately. New drawing tools, stickers, emojis, etc. have been added to the WhatsApp Beta. That means more fun is in store for all users!

WhatsApp Camera Features


When it comes to the subject of experimentation, WhatsApp always occupies the top position. There’s not a single instance, when we don’t hear WhatsApp making changes to its beta versions, or adding new features here and there. Just recently, its latest beta enabled the sharing of link invitations on public groups. And how can we forget its attempt to get the High Court’s approval for data sharing on Facebook! These are all a part of WhatsApp’s experiments, in order to make the App more engaging for its users.

This time, WhatsApp has come up with something different and refreshing for the users. To make the chat experience more fun and enjoyable, it has added new camera features to its latest beta version. Now, they can doodle on images, add bigger emoticons, play with their device screens, and do much more. Let’s explore these latest WhatsApp camera features together!



First in line among the new WhatsApp camera features, is Image drawing and Stickers. This option has been enabled for the users, in the 2.16.262. beta version of WhatsApp. With the help of this option, users will be able to add a sticker, draw an image or even annotate, upon the photo that they have taken using WhatsApp. Besides this, they can also crop the photo taken; an option which wasn’t available earlier. They will be given lots of text and sticker alternatives to choose from. They can even move, resize, rotate or completely remove the stickers and texts, according to their will. Apart from that, WhatsApp offers them a full RGB spectrum of colours to make their drawings more interesting.

WhatsApp has introduced another amazing feature for all emoji lovers. This feature is available in the 2.16.256 version. According to this, users can now use bigger emojis to express their emotions on chats. In fact, with the number of emoticons they use in a single line, they will find their size increasing or decreasing, accordingly. For example, a single emoji will be available in large size, two emojis will appear in medium size, three in small, and so on. This condition will apply to all emojis alike, even if you apply all different ones in one line. There’s a special surprise for all the heart lovers too, who can now send bigger beating hearts to their loved ones on chat. Users will also be able to add these emojis directly on their photos and videos. Isn’t that wonderful!


Another interesting feature in line, is the Front-facing flash and One-finger video zoom. Phone screens can be utilised by WhatsApp users as a flash, while taking selfies. Whenever they are trying to take a selfie, the screen will light up white, thus converting it into a make-shift flash. This will enable them to take better photos in dark backgrounds. Capturing a video will become a child’s play, too. Whenever, you are taking a video, all you’ll need is a finger-touch to zoom in and out. Easy-peasy, isn’t it? This feature will be available in both 2.16.262 and 2.16.263 versions.

The new WhatsApp camera features will only be available to Android users, for now. iOS users will get access to them later. These features are indeed, both unique and innovative. In a world where everybody loves to work with speed, these features will definitely come handy. They will not only make the chat process easier, but will also make the process of capturing and sharing images and videos, more interesting. To this effort by WhatsApp, I say “KUDOS”!

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