Now WhatsApp will charge iPhone users annual subscriptions

WhatsApp will now be charging the iPhone users annual subscriptions to continue with their messaging. The charges will be a mere 99 cents per year. That is not even one full dollar. So the charges should not hurt the users at all.

The decision of charging the users comes after a new version was released for the iPhones. Along with the new release also came a new range of pricing as well.WhatsApp
Until now, there was a onetime payment of the same amount (99 cents) earlier. The users didn’t have to pay anything after that. However, now the users will have to shell out the same amount of a yearly basis.

Those who were using Android and some other mobile platforms could enjoy the service for free for the first year. After that, these users also needed to pay 99 cents every year. But from now on, irrespective of the platform, everyone has to pay 99 cents annually to continue with the service.

There are in excess of 250 active million users on WhatsApp today. As far as the new subscription format is concerned, the developers said that the app is still free for download. However, if anyone has to use it, the annual subscription must be paid.

The new update of the app allows the users to back up the old history messages on Apple iCloud.

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