WhatsApp for Computer Will Soon Be a Full Feature

WhatsApp for computer will soon become a full-fledged feature. And you won’t need to depend on your smartphone to access the mobile messaging system like you have been doing all these days.

WhatsApp for computer

Out of the many mobile messaging apps around like Snapchat, Wechat, Hike, etc. WhatsApp is probably the most widely used. Well, we aren’t going into comparison right now, but what we want to tell you is that WhatsApp commands a huge user base. Naturally, the team needs to cater to a wider audience.

WhatsApp had long way back introduced the WhatsApp for PC accessibility feature by navigating to web.whatsapp.com web client that runs in your desktop browser. Even if there’s the WhatsApp for desktop available, the messaging software is still by and large used only on smartphones.


WhatsApp for computer will now soon be a feature that you can use fully on your desktop computer. You can carry out the features normally like you have so far, like sending/receiving messages, sharing files and many other standard features that you use on your smartphone.

Reports emanating online suggest that the WhatsApp team is now busy with a full WhatsApp for computer version app. The WhatsApp for PC team will bring the new app versions for Mac and Windows operating systems

Twitter account (that’s not the official one for WhatsApp) is keeping close watch on the changes for WhatsApp for computer. The account had tweeted images of the software’s build that pointed to the WhatsApp for desktop’s app.

What’ll be in the New Version?

When the WhatsApp for PC app goes live fully, it will allow you using the app’s key features that let users share documents, carry out voice calls that won’t need a smartphone to connect to Internet as you need now. Currently, you to keep your smartphone connected to the Internet all the time. This will also annihilate the need to keep your browser open all the while.


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