Whatsapp Free Voice Calling Feature to Adore Shortly

WhatsApp free voice calling is a long awaited feature in the mobile messaging app and it looks like it will soon materialize. If the reports doing the rounds are anything to go by, we should soon see this feature.

WhatsApp Free Voice Calling

Probably the most loved and the most popular mobile messaging service will soon introduce the voice calling feature. And remember, the fun part is that it is going to be entirely free. The WhatsApp free voice calling will be made available to all the active users – about 600 million of them.

What Makes You Believe This?

There are always rumors going around about popular and hot topics in the world of technology. WhatsApp is also no exception. So, is the introduction of WhatsApp free voice calling just another rumor or is the feature for real?

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Well, it looks the free voice calling feature will indeed come our way soon. The first belief is the change in the interface of the app. These changes point to the fact that the voice calling feature is in the wings.

There are actually some leaked images of the new WhatsApp interface. It can give you an idea that the application is enabled with language translation. This will be displayed when someone gets a call through WhatsApp. It was stated in a report.

Before this, there wasn’t any translation plug-in in WhatsApp. This was natural as WhatsApp was limited only to free mobile messaging. But the introduction of WhatsApp free voice calling has the translation feature. This is enough to believe what’s in store for the app in the near future.

When on one hand there will be the WhatsApp free voice calling, there is no word if there will be any similar update on Facebook. The mega social networking site had purchased WhatsApp for a whopping price tag of $19 billion. There were also question marks regarding the price that Facebook agreed to pay.

However, Facebook has had its own plans going in to buy the free mobile messaging app. Since the takeover, in around six months, there has been an increase of 15% in the active users of WhatsApp.

Out of the 600 million active WhatsApp users, around 50 million of them come from India alone. Hike is another popular mobile messaging app widely used in India. In February this year, Hike had crossed 15 million users. Line is also another app that needs a mention here. Until July this year, Line had crossed the 200 million figure mark for active users..

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