WhatsApp Latest Beta Enables Public Group Link Invitations

Now users can share link invitations to WhatsApp public groups. WhatsApp latest beta is finally live in the version 2.16.281 of the messaging app.

WhatsApp Latest Beta

WhatsApp latest beta

The public group links feature has been rumoured from quite a long time now. From the month of June, users could join public groups. But at that time, users were not able to get links for inviting people to any groups, which is now available with WhatsApp latest beta.

WhatsApp latest beta

Update WhatsApp to v2.16.281

For this, users have to update the WhatsApp to the v2.16.281. And after the update, the group’s admin becomes able to add new members to the group by sending them a link. For this, you have to visit the ‘add new participant’ on the WhatsApp chat. Then at the top of your contacts list, you will spot the new option Invite to group via link’. Later you have to proceed further and tap on that new option. Then you will notice a new screen opening that delivers you the link. You can share this unique link through WhatsApp or you can also share the link via any other application. The link can also be revoked if anything wrong happens and the links land up to any wrong hands.

WhatsApp latest beta

To add this new link feature, there is a new QR code generator also with which you can print the link. Additionally, you can also write your chat link directly to an NFC tag by using your device. This new feature seems very much helpful for those people who want to make WhatsApp groups by keeping in view for conversations in sports teams, meetings, etc.

WhatsApp latest beta

The feature is more relevant to those people who want to make a communication quickly in large groups. Therefore, it rejects the hassle for an admin to reach each and every person individually and adding their contacts manually to the group.

WhatsApp latest beta

More Features

Furthermore, the WhatsApp latest beta comes with another feature. Users will now see a quick forward button for sharing media. A little curved forward arrow will now appear next to every video, images, links, and GIFs. This makes it easy to forward any media to other WhatsApp conversation by just pressing that arrow. Looks like it will be faster than to tap and hold the media or message and then selecting forward option on your device. So, this looks good to go, right? But don’t forget that there is a tough competitor to WhatsApp in the form of Google Allo and Google Allo vs WhatsApp would be a good fight with other apps.

Well, you should try the WhatsApp latest beta, and for this, you have to wait for the latest version to get visible in the Play Store beta. Alternatively, you can move on to the APK Mirror and manually install this update.

Meanwhile, do check on the news WhatsApp User Data Gets Delhi HC Approval For FB Sharing. And don’t forget to tell us how you like the WhatsApp latest beta.


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