WhatsApp on Symbian: It’s to be History Soon

WhatsApp on Symbian will no longer be supported. The support for WhatsApp will come to an end this year end. What’s the reason for this? Read on.

WhatsApp on Symbian

Among many of the issues that are gaining attention these days, one is WhatsApp on Symbian. With the advent of technology many change have taken place to revolutionize the world of communication. In the past decade much advancement has occurred to ameliorate the quality and means of communication.

Among all the texting applications, one that gained extreme popularity is WhatsApp. People all around the world are using this application to keep their loved ones, relatives, friends and those not so close but important in some form close to them by taking out time every day to acknowledge their presence by just texting them once a day, week or even a month. Today almost all the mobile operating systems are supporting this application and one among these are the Symbian OS.

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However, there is not good news for those who at present are using WhatsApp on Symbian OS. The communication app has been quite sincere and cooperative to have supported the mobile sets based on Symbian OS for a very long period of time despite all the advancements that it has made over the passage of time.

However, it has finally declared that it will no longer be able to function on the mobile sets based on this operating system and it will soon stop its services for it. Besides this declaration, WhatsApp has still acted sincere enough to have given time to Symbian users to find and avail the alternatives that are available in the market as it has declared to stop its services effective from December 31, 2016. This means that Symbian users still have time to cope up with this drastic change that is going to happen to them.

Conclusively, WhatsApp on Symbian will not work and users of this app might have even started the countdown as well. It remains to be seen how much effect this decision from WhatsApp has on the Symbian users. In between, they still have more than five months to take a final look at the functioning of WhatsApp on Symbian as they won’t be able to do so once the year comes to an end.


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