WhatsApp Plus features: Is it different from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus features are more or less similar to the original WhatsApp that you know. WhatsApp Plus might make you think that it is another variant of WhatsApp. But it has a different story altogether.

WhatsApp Plus features

Before you know anything about WhatsApp Plus features, you must first understand that WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are totally different services. Though it looks like another variant of the popular WhatsApp messaging service, it looks missing from the two prominent stores like Play Store and Apple Store.

In some of the prominent WhatsApp Plus features, the first thing that comes to mind is the similarity between the icons. WhatsApp has a green icon, while the WhatsApp Plus features the blue icon, by default.WhatsApp Plus features

This looks like it is an obvious copy of the original icon. However, it is unclear whether the new app is violating any copyrights or patents. WhatsApp Plus offers various other colors like red, pink and cyan. There are also stickers like the ones that one can see in WhatsApp.

Who is behind WhatsApp Plus?

It is understood that Rafalete, a developer from Spain had come up with the messaging app back in 2012. Like WhatsApp, even WhatsApp Plus is free to install on your Smartphone.

Where is WhatsApp Plus available?

WhatsApp Plus hasn’t still got any official recognition on either Google or Apple Store. That’s why you won’t see it on those stores. However, there is a dedicated website for the same.

So, it can be downloaded from the site. To reach the site, you just have to search the appropriate term and the SERP will take you to the destination.

It is currently not available for PCs.

Amongst the difference in the features, the WhatsApp Plus has a range of themes, which you won’t see in the popular WhatsApp app. The number of themes and skins goes up to around 700. Also, there are a range of emoticons and smileys too.

Among the other WhatsApp Plus features, users can hide the ‘last seen’ status.

So they can hide this information from other users. WhatsApp Plus allows you to send files heavier than those allowed by WhatsApp. The file sharing limit can be nearly 50MB, while it was 2MB on WhatsApp.

So, should you go for WhatsApp Plus?

It is recommended that you should wait and watch before installing. Confirm its precise origin and its legality. If you are an expert who can root your Smartphone, then only go ahead with the installation. Or, just take the reviews into account first.

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