WhatsApp Quote and Reply Coming Soon to the App

The new feature to mobile messaging app WhatsApp quote and reply will soon grace the app. You will be able to quote and reply to someone’s quote in private as well as chat groups.

WhatsApp Quote and Reply

After we had reported about WhatsApp getting GIF images, WhatsApp quote and reply is now coming to the mobile messaging app. The feature is currently in beta. The new feature allows users to quote anyone in your text as well as put a reply along with it. And the great thing is that it is compatible with both private chat as well as group chats.

How will you Use the Feature?

For using this feature, just select any message you have to quote. It can be either media or text. Now, long press it. You will see various options in the pop-up like forward, reply and delete. Now, to use WhatsApp quote and reply, tap on reply. Here, you can type your message in the form of a reply and then send the message like you normally do.


As your reply is posted, like your earlier messages, it will show up above the text box – in the conversation panel accompanied by the original quoted text, of course, for the reference to what your message is. It will also come with different color, so it can match the handle of the sender.

Now, you will wonder if you can use new WhatsApp quote and reply feature immediately. Well, no. it’s still in beta and is being tested. And will take a while before it’s rolled out to more users.

As we had previously reported about WhatsApp supporting GIF images from third-party apps like OneDrive and Google Drive. Video calling is supposed to soon come to WhatsApp, one of the most widely used mobile messaging apps.


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