WhatsApp Voice Call Android Activated Globally

The WhatsApp voice call Android is once again in the talks as it has been activated for the Android users only. And this time it looks like it has been made accessible to all the users worldwide. However, the catch is that the feature is available only for Android users.

WhatsApp Voice Call Android

It has been over a day and the WhatsApp voice calling feature is still active. We had reported about WhatsApp free voice calling feature recently. In the past, the feature had been activated for a cluster of hours before it was deactivated again. It clearly showed that the company was testing the new feature before introducing it worldwide.

As stated above, the WhatsApp voice call Android feature is only for the Android Smartphones. In other words, if you are an iPhone user, you won’t be able to get free WhatsApp voice calling right now. There is also no news about when this feature will be made available for Apple devices.


How to Get the Feature Activated

It is pretty easy to get the WhatsApp voice call android feature activated on your Android Smartphone. Of course, the first thing you need is updating your current WhatsApp version. The company has an updated version on Play Store. It is also available on the official web site of the company.

Note: If you aren’t updating from Play Store, be sure to access the company’s web site by directly typing the address in the address bar.

Once you have the latest version, the next step isn’t in your hands. Because, you need to get a call from a WhatsApp user who is already using the VoIP feature.

Activating the Feature

Now the question is how long is it before you can use the WhatsApp voice call android feature? It depends. It depends on the contacts in your list having the feature. If there’s none, you will have to find a friend to get a call through the app only.

But the chances are you are likely to get someone give you a call as this feature is spreading like anything. People are actively using the new service so this feature will not take too long to reach all WhatsApp users.

Or who knows, the app may have the new feature preinstalled in the future updates.

How Do You Know New Feature Is Activated

Once you have updated to the latest version of WhatsApp voice call android, you should see the UI getting modified automatically. You should see three tabs, out of which one is dedicated to the calling feature. The other two are for chat and contact list. It needs no mention, that only those Smartphones can be called that are running the latest version.

And finally a word of caution, do not click on links that are inviting you to try out the new WhatsApp voice call Android feature. Stay safe from malicious and fake invites.

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