WhatsApp Voice Call Android Testing Underway

WhatsApp voice call Android feature will soon be a reality. The popular messaging platform is very much closer to making the voice calling feature a reality. There were earlier reports about the same. But now, it will not be too long before Android users will be able to use WhatsApp voice calling.

WhatsApp Voice Call Android

It is understood that the voice calling feature from WhatsApp is being tested with a small group of Android phone users. Apart from this, currently it is not possible to say as to until when the new feature will be introduced to the general WhatsApp users. It is also unambiguous if the iPhone users will get to use the WhatsApp voice call feature.

WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature

There was latest information from some Reddit users that they had got new calling feature from WhatsApp. These developments were earlier this week. What’s more, there was also a video on YouTube that revealed how the new feature would work. You can view the video here.

Making Phone Calls

The video shows the features of the WhatsApp app and resemble pretty much like that of those on WeChat, Viber or Facebook Messanger.

Internet calling has an advantage. If users have either a 3G connection or Wi-Fi connectivity, they do not make calls through their service providers. In such a case, WhatsApp voice call Android would be a cheaper option.

As far as the iOS app for WhatsApp is concerned, it has a couple of buttons for making phone calls. However, it takes the users to their phone dialer.

Image: WhatsApp

Announcement from WhatsApp CEO

During the Mobile World Congress, WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum had made the announcement of WhatsApp voice call Android in 2014. There have been many news clips since then. However, the CEO says that the feature isn’t being tested for Apple products like the iPhone yet. But, one does see the call button on the WhatsApp version for iOS.

WhatsApp Today

Some days ago, we had reported about the Twitter Google deal, where some stunning numbers were pictured. On the same lines, even WhatsApp disclosed that their users had reached 700 million active users per month, while approximately 30 billion messages are exchanged on a daily basis.

WhatsApp had also come up with a new web-based service known as WhatsApp Web. This makes it possible to view the messages – text, audio and video – on desktops and laptops.

What do you feel about such humongous numbers from mega companies like Twitter, Google and WhatsApp? Please let us know in the comments.

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