WhatsApp Voice Call Invite Spreading Malware?

WhatsApp recently introduced voice calling and according to a report WhatsApp voice call invite is a source of spreading malware. As all malwares do, this too is capable of stealing private and sensitive information from your Smartphone. So, beware before taking any step!

WhatsApp Voice Call Invite

Some weeks ago, there were reports that the WhatsApp users will get the WhatsApp voice call feature soon. Some days ago, we had reported that WhatsApp voice call Android testing was underway. Accordingly, the new feature was introduced as well. Now, there are hundreds of thousands of WhatsApp users who are eagerly waiting for the WhatsApp voice call invite.

Hackers Can Take Advantage

Hackers are very likely to take advantage of the ongoing WhatsApp voice call invite thing going on around. Cyber scammers can be active with evil ideas in mind. There are many invites that are targeted at spreading malware instead of genuinely inviting WhatsApp users for trying the WhatsApp voice call feature.


What Steps Are Followed

Those users who accept the WhatsApp voice call invite are directed to a different web site. Here, they are welcomed by a survey. Once the user completes the survey, he is asked to download a number of apps on his Smartphone. And this is where the issue can arise. These apps can potentially download malware on the users’ Smartphones.

What’s more, the invitation asks you to invite your friends to try out the voice calling feature. This means, it also encourages you in spreading the malware without your knowledge.

So, if you are a WhatsApp user, you are likely to see this message that reads “Hey, I’m inviting you to try WhatsApp Calling, click here to activate now.” The message is followed by a link to a web site.

No Official Release Yet

Facebook, who now owns WhatsApp hasn’t released any official date for the voice call release. There is also no authorized statement regarding the official version. So, doesn’t it make sense that the current WhatsApp voice call invite is all unofficial stuff?

But, it must be mentioned that there were some whatsapp voice call invite in India only for a limited number of users. In that case, they were able to invite their friends by giving a call through the messaging platform only.

As and when the WhatsApp voice call feature is officially active, users will be able to make WhatsApp free voice calls with the help of Wi-Fi and internet access. Until it gets official, WhatsApp voice call invite aren’t something to be trusted.

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