Which TV Streaming Devices Are The Best?

Streaming TV content is becoming increasingly popular and as a result there are new TV streaming devices hitting the market every day. There are many reasons why such a thing has become so popular.

TV Streaming Devices

Of course, it is with the ease and the ability to watch whatever you want to watch being two of the main factors behind the success of streaming devices.  In this article I will discuss some of the best TV streaming devices based on a variety of important factors.

Catching our favorite TV shows and movies on cable networks, including Comcast Cable, witnessed a decline for some time as people shifted to different devices, including tablets, laptops and Smartphones with TV apps. However, watching your favorite movie and program on television has lately seen a spike with the introduction of streaming devices you can connect to your television and get access to loads of content.

The streaming device market has become hot upon the arrival of streaming boxes and sticks that are inexpensive and enchanting. These devices empower you to browse through almost any media and watch it right on your television or any other display.

However, when it comes down to finding the best TV streaming devices, you should keep content at number one on your criteria, after all you are looking for rich content to keep you entertained. Second come specs and features.

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Here are some of the hot-selling streaming devices:

Roku 3

Roku 3 is overall one of the best streaming device. It has been priced at $99.99, which is the same price as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, yet when it comes to performance and content, Roku 3 is far ahead of others. It comes loaded with 1,500 channels and a remote control that you can even use as a gesture device while playing a game. Roku 3 also comes with its own headphone jack. The best thing about this device is you can manage it with your smartphone and connect it to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. It has a simple, clean interface and powerful search function.

Google Chromecast

If you have love for simplicity, this is the device you should have. Priced at $35, Google Chromecast is a hot favorite of users. Experts attribute the device’s success to its secure framework and convenience of use. You can even manage this device from the existing apps on your smart devices or computers. Even though it would get much lesser score when compared with Roku 3 in terms of content and functionality, yet it offers you attractive apps at lower prices.

PLAiR 2 and Matricom G-Box

Both the PLAiR 2 and Matricom G-Box are matchless and powerful streaming devices. The PLAiR 2 falls in the club of the cheapest streaming devices; you can buy it for $25. It is good for people who want a similar alternative to Google Chromecast at a lower price. On the other hand, the MX2, powered by Android, comes packed with good features, including web browsing. This is a good option, but not as good as the two above.

Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku streaming stick is among the most convenient streaming devices available on the market today. It is smaller and less expensive ($49.99) than the box, but on the downside it lacks some of the good features like gaming and card slot available in Roku 3. However, when it comes to content, it still gives you access to 1,500 streaming channels at an excellent resolution.

Nvidia Shield

If you have love for android, this is the streaming device you must have. It comes with clean interface and powerful android operating system. This streaming device can even divide the variance between a streaming tool and a gaming console. With Nvidia Shield, you also get the option to enjoy your favorite programs on apps, such as Plex and Netflix among others. You can also download android-based games. It can even support 4K content from video streaming websites.

These are few of the many excellent streaming devices. It is always wise to read user reviews before making your decision to buy one of these or another. The streaming device market is changing everyday and new products are hitting the shelves with new and attractive features. No matter what features they come up with, never compromise on content they offer. The more content, the better.

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