Why You Should Buy Google Pixel: Top 5 Reasons

Google released the Pixel and Pixel XL and now you should know why you should buy Google Pixel. Here are the top five reasons that we have listed for you.

Why You Should Buy Google Pixel


1. Google Assistant


As we already know by now, Google Pixel will be the first phone to ship with a pre-installed Google Assistant and it will be open to developers this December. We have been briefed about the Assistant and the virtual headset taking help from Allo back in the I/O conference. Google was supposed to take off the wraps from Allo on the October 4 Google event, where it had it had announced the Google Chromecast Premium. However, Google tried making Assistant more user-friendly by releasing the app earlier.

More About Assistant

Now, it goes a little ahead as the Pixel phones will be launched with already built-in Google Assistant. Google Assistant makes your life easier because it stays and interacts with you 24/7 as a companion. Pixel and Pixel XL comes with pre-installed Google Assistant which enables you to manage your phone with very less use of fingers. As soon as you touch and hold the home button on your smartphone, the Assistant takes over and manages everything you want. And the Google Assistant is one of the primary reasons why you should buy Google Pixel.


According to the head of Google’s latest hardware group: Rick Osterloh:

“As you’ll see today, we’re building hardware with Google Assistant at its core, so you can get things done without worrying about the underlying technology.”

Before they came up with Assistant, Google unveiled the improved version of AI and machine learning. Google’s motto behind coming up with inbuilt Google Assistant in the Pixel phones was to smoothly bind the software and hardware. They wanted to get a link between the two taking the help from AI and machine learning. Google Assistant basically tries to understand through your activities and coordinates with you. Google gave us a demo at their event about how the Assistant works by showing us a conversation between the human and the Assistant.

2. Unlimited Storage


As we already know that the Pixel phones will be featuring the highest rated camera ever. This simply means that people won’t get tired clicking pictures and selfies in high resolution. And it is quite clear that the high-resolution picture requires a lot of space. But, Google will not disappoint you. Google introduced this for a long time now which is a feature of Google Photos. As a matter of fact, Google had released an unboxing video that was built with thousands of images highlighting the unlimited storage.

Now, Google allows you to take as many pictures and videos without worrying about the storage. Google comes even better than Apple by now sporting unlimited storage and making the users super happy. So, don’t worry about the storage and just click and create memories.

3. Google Allo and Duo



Allo and Duo are the reasons why you should buy Google Pixel. Google Allo is a mobile application used for instant messaging. It comes with a VR providing the users with smart reply function that doesn’t require typing. It was first announced at the Google I/O conference which happened back in May. Allo was finally launched this year in September. This mobile application is compatible with both Android and iOS. The latest news is that the Pixel and Pixel XL will be featuring Allo. The Google Assistant helps you in finding the contact and messaging or replying to their texts by syncing with Allo. Google Assistant teamed up with other Google applications really shows its potential. Allo relies on the phone numbers and features Default mode and Incognito mode.

However, there was an important defect along with the messaging app, though we did a comparsion of this app with the popular WhatsApp and other apps in the business.


Google Duo is a video calling mobile app which is also compatible with Android and iOS. Just like Allo, Duo was also unveiled at the I/O conference and then finally launched in August. It was first released in the US and then around the globe just a few days later. Duo has an amazing feature for Android users which is known as Knock Knock. This feature enables you to see a live preview of the person calling you even before you pick the call. With all these pre-installed features and apps, you get an idea about why you should buy Google Pixel phones.

The app is popular, no doubt, as it already was scheduled for an update with an update to 2.0.

4. VR


Along with all this, Pixel comes pre-installed with Daydream VR platform that costs $79 only. With this platform, Google has entered into the virtual reality. As Google needed a device on which users can access their desired content. Now, Google announced at their event that the Pixel and Pixel XL will come with inbuilt Daydream VR. You get an effortless and smooth gaming experience through Daydream VR which is processed by the SD821 processor. This is another reason why you should buy Google Pixel.

5. Fast Charging


We lead busy lives and depend a lot on our smartphones these days. It has now become a necessity that we require a phone with exceptionally good battery backup which runs throughout the day. Looking at the battery consumption, every other company is trying to come up with a mechanism to quick charge the smartphones. However, some of the brands have started using USB Type-C chargers nowadays. These chargers are unique because of their conventional micro USB. USB Type-C chargers are reversible and enable the power to travel in both the direction.

It also guarantees on transmitting signals to a greater range. As we know by now that Pixel and Pixel XL sports fast charging technology and support the USB Type-C. Pixel phones claim to last for 7 hours in just 15 minutes of charging.

This sums up the five best reasons and gives you insights on why you should buy Google Pixel.


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