Windows 10: Six Things You Need To Know

The much expected latest version of the Windows OS – Windows 10 is finally here. But honestly, did you ever imagine it would be called that way? It is understood that there will be hardware tweaks that will take in its stride all the hardware needed for personal computers to Smartphones.

It is done in an effort to overcome the problems Microsoft faced for Windows 8.

Why Is It Windows 10 And Not Windows 9?

Isn’t it a bit curious to know this first? We have had Windows 8 and now Microsoft has leapfrogged to Windows 10. So, where Windows 9? Incrementally it should have been Windows 9, as you may have expected.

So, here is the answer by Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group head Terry Myerson:

We’re not building an incremental product

‘Windows One’ was a possible name the new OS version would have got. This was contemplated to go with other names like OneDrive and OneNote. The word ‘One’ was the key here.


However, the idea was dropped as Bill Gates, in his younger days had already snagged the name. Moreover, going step-by-step like Window 7, Window 8 and then Window 9 would have made it look numerical too. So, finally it was to be Window 10.

What Devices Will The Window 10 Support?

The answer is ‘just about everything’.

As stated above the hardware has been developed with a view to supporting anything from your personal computer to your Smartphone. Particularly speaking, the Windows 10 will be for the PCs, tablets, Smartphones. And yes, do not forget the embedded products as well.

Terry Myerson elaborated that the new OS version will support gadgets that come with as small as 4-inch screens or even 80-inch screens. Windows 10 is there just for about everything you can think of.

Windows 10 Does Have A Start Menu, Right?

Well, yes. It does come with a start menu unlike in some other previous version where it was missing. Many Windows users are used to the Start menu button with a taskbar. However, Microsoft has tried to bring in the combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8 in the new Windows 10.

So, it naturally means that the new Windows OS version will bring in a split menu. There are apps to the left of your screen that remind you of Windows 7. On the right are the “live tiles”, which are more colorful that go well with the modern Windows 8 version.

The start menu is customizable. This means you can move the tiles around or resize them.

Lost Out? Windows 10 Will Help Out!

Windows 8 users had reasons to get lost when working with the OS version. It was difficult figuring out what was open on the screen and how to get back. It was nothing less than a maze for them. The absence of the Start button added to the agony.

OS X’s Mission Control is your guide with Windows 10. This is your guide that will show you exactly where you are. You can zoom out and it will allow you to see what all is open. All you have to do is select the app that you want to ‘enter’.

Multiple Desktop Configurations

You can now have several desktop configurations open simultaneously. It also allows you switching between them. Suppose, you have opened three apps on the screen to carry out a certain task and have sized them according to your convenience. Then, if you change to a different app, you can easily revert to your earlier opened apps. The best part is you don’t have to resize them too.


In short, navigation is made super easy with the new Windows 10 OS.

Like this, you can have multiple desktop displays at your disposal. At the bottom of your screen you will be able to navigate between such displays of your choice.

And What About The Touch Features?

Windows 10 hasn’t deserted the touch option. The conventional touch screen features can easily be used with this version of the OS. You can zoom in and out, scroll up and down and carry out all the traditional touch commands on a Smartphone.


The ‘Continuum’ is a feature that Microsoft has newly introduced. This comes in handy for those users who use two-in-one PC machines. Suppose, you remove the keyboard from Windows 10 hybrid you will be asked if you wish to change to a tab mode. On a positive response, the UI is altered to go with a tab.

Release & Price

These are the two most important things now. Finally, the release of the Windows 10 will materialize only in the next year probably by the month of May or June.

And there is no word from Microsoft about the price tag too. So, just keep your fingers crossed.

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