Windows 10 Update: Microsoft Banking on Windows

Windows 10 update is a bright ray of hope for Microsoft for revival of business and it won’t be wrong to term it so. Actually, Microsoft is pinning all its hope on this latest version of the operating system. The US-based software giant feels that this will help in reviving the fortunes of Internet Explorer as well.

Windows 10 Update

After dishing out Windows 8, Microsoft jumped to Windows 10 update, which was still the official next version of the Windows OS. Microsoft was quick to move from Windows 8 to 10 in no time at all. The Windows 10 launch event was livestreamed online as well.

The latest Windows operating system is built for all types of screens – tiny, huge, desktop and even mobile screens. So, this should be a big plus for Microsoft as far as an OS with multi-screen optimization is concerned. It should be mentioned that the new OS is a pretty simpler Windows OS, in the real sense.

In fact, Microsoft recently had a bad taste of reviews for the Windows 8 OS. No wonder, Windows 10 was an effort to wipe out the ‘bad memories’. And it looks like Microsoft has been able to achieve this ‘target’.


However, there hasn’t been much response to the new Windows OS in terms of switching over. Many companies as well as users have not yet started using the OS, which shows the slow acceptance towards Win 10.

Start Menu is Here Again

The Start Menu has become synonymous with Windows and all versions of the OS now have the Start Menu. There was a big hue and cry over the disappearance of the menu in the previous version of Windows. Users protested against the absence of their favorite menu. And before long, it was back. And now, it is heartening to see it in Windows 10 update as well.

Now, “the menu in the previous version of Windows” doesn’t mean in Windows 9. Actually, Microsoft jumped from Windows 8 to 10. So, we never had the Windows 9 version.

More Tools and Forum

Microsoft also added the multi-desktop views. This is especially helpful for multi-tasking. Apart from this, there are also a bunch of latest tools to better assist in business.

There will also be forums set up especially for Windows 10 and Windows 10 update. So, it will be easier to get feedback from the users regarding the new features, tools and the overall operating system.

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