Windows 10 Upgrade: How to Install Windows 10 Afresh

Windows 10 upgrade is right here and so here we are to tell you how to install Windows 10. Well, you can either install the OS from scratch or carry out a clean and fresh reinstallation.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Well, whatever your decision about Windows 10, if you have bought a licensed copy or are getting a free upgrade, installing Windows 10 isn’t really that difficult. Microsoft has decided to give a free upgrade of Windows 10 to those users who already have a licensed copy of either Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Upgrading Windows 10 for Free

Let’s first start the Windows 10 upgrade info for those who are getting it for free. You may wish to read the How to Reserve Free Windows 10 upgrade copy here. This post will also help you regarding your Windows 10 queries.

As far as the Windows 10 upgrade is concerned, the OS will start downloading to your PC as and when it becomes available to install. Of course, you will need to stay on with your internet connection.

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the Windows 10 upgrade can take anywhere between 20 minutes and one hour or even more.


The wizard will guide you and allow keeping files and/or programs in the new OS. Or the OS can also do a formatting of the storage, on which partition you would like to install, etc. It can also do a partition system like Installer Windows 10 32 bit and Installer Windows 10 64 bit.

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Upgrading to Windows 10 from Current OS Version

Like mentioned above, if you already own a Windows 7 or Windows 8 license copy, then the Windows 10 is free for you. This means, you can migrate to Window 10 from your current OS version. So, how can you do this?

You should find the option “Refresh this PC now”. The guided tour will start for the update process. You will also see a clean installation among other things.

Installing Windows 10 from Scratch

If you don’t get the Window 10 upgrade for free, wait. If you want the latest OS and haven’t got a free one, it’s not the end of the world for you. You can still get a licensed copy, but at a price. It is available in both digital and physical format.

As per Amazon, the basic version costs $119. But for the USB version, the wait is longer by another one month – exactly on August 30.

Here are the steps to install Window 10 on your PC:

  • Start your computer normally. Insert either the USB flash drive or the DVD of the Windows 10 and shut down your computer.
  • Now, restart your machine and as it boots, press any key to boot via USB flash drive or the DVD.
  • You will see the Install Windows page during the startup. Here, select your preferred language and preferences of your choice. Once done, click ‘Next’.
  • Now, click ‘Install Windows’.
  • You need to key in the product key in ‘Type your product key to activate Windows’.
  • You may wish to select the Custom options from the next page.
  • Next, choose the installation type and click ‘Next’.

The wizard should easily guide you even if it is a fresh installation or merely a Windows 10 upgrade. Both things are equally easy.

6 thoughts on “Windows 10 Upgrade: How to Install Windows 10 Afresh

    1. If you are using a laptop there’s no issue as you will get battery backup. If you are on a desktop, the best thing I would suggest is to use a high speed network, at least for downloading the update. It’s 3GB – quite a bit and secondly, carry it out during the night. That’s the best possibility when there won’t be a power cut. I hope this helps.
      And yes, don’t upgrade if you aren’t aware of the technicalities. Best luck… 🙂
      Abhijit Bangal recently posted…Smartphone Without SIM Card: Possible In Near FutureMy Profile

        1. Does’t your laptop give battery backup? If yes, then your modem should also keep working. If that isn’t the case, I guess there could be a problem with the USB port. I am not an expert to answer this. I suggest, you ask the person from where you bought your laptop or get the online help by calling if your’s is a branded machine.
          And yes, the upgrade is pretty simple. That should’t be a problem actually. But, I would suggest taking all the backup before you actually perform the upgrade. Never take a chance even if you have the slightest of doubts.
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