Wireless Charging Chips Suppliers Needed for Apple

Wireless charging chips suppliers needed for Apple and also engineers to work on the wireless charging technology. This news has been confirmed by the Taiwanese site Economy Daily report.

Wireless Charging Chips

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According to the rumors, Apple is planning on coming up with Wireless Charging for the iPhone 2017 model. This has been confirmed by the latest report from Taiwanese site Economic Daily News. The report says that the company is looking for suppliers to get wireless charging chips. Apple has approached MediaTek for sample chips to work for a wireless charging back cover.

As per the earlier reports, the company is concentrating for emphasizing on the wireless charging of longer range which can be used in the next year’s iPhone. The long-range wireless charging will be better than all the other wireless chargers available in the market. Due to the long-range, it will not require the device to be near the charger. Apple is also interested in hiring engineers who are capable enough to work on wireless charging chips technology.

We aren’t very far from having wireless charging smartphones in the mainstream. It was last year when we had reported about the same that spoke of the beginning of a new era.

The wireless charging chips and the chargers in turn, will feature a glass body design with biometric features such as iris scanning and also Taptic engine instead of the Home button. The 2017 model will be the tenth anniversary for iPhone. It has an edge-to-edge display. If reports are to be believed, it is still to be made clear if Apple is planning to work on wireless charging built for the next-gen iPhone or a wireless charging case for the same. However, DigiTimes confirms that the report is referring to the peripherals like iPhone cases to try wireless charging for the next-gen iPhone.


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