Wireless Charging Smartphones 2015: A New Wireless Era

We will soon be seeing an era of wireless charging Smartphones 2015. Coming soon this year will be Smartphones and gadgets that will be charged without the help of the traditional chargers. So, is being ‘wireless’ the need of the hour or an improvement in technology?

Wireless Charging Smartphones 2015

There used to be a joke some days ago viral on WhatsApp that said, in olden days people used to ask for water or tea to the guests. But these days, the host enquires if they need a mobile charger. At face value, one will laugh away at this. However, it shows a huge transformation at how mobiles are changing the world.

The transformation is taking us towards easier ways of using the technology at hand. And we are certainly progressing towards wireless charging Smartphones 2015 that we should soon see in reality.

wireless-charging-smartphones-2015There will hardly be the traditional chargers we use these days to charge our Smartphones, tablets and Apple devices. There will be no hassles of the long wires in chargers or bundling them whenever you travel.

In the Mobile World Congress that took place in Spain last month, stressed on wireless charging Smartphones 2015. The idea is to have a device to soak electricity to charge itself by absorbing electricity via a wireless surface. This is possible through a lamp or table stand. The Samsung Galaxy 6 does have the wireless charging feature.

Standard Adaptors for Charging

Over the recent years a range of technologies have sprung up for wireless charging. The rivalry between these technologies is in fact doing well for the technology as well as for consumers. That’s why wireless charging Smartphones 2015 is projected to be in full swing as the year advances.

Qi standard is a charging technology built up by the Wireless Power Consortium. It is a coalition of nearly 200 companies. This Qi standard is used by companies like Samsung.

According to Qi, it is used on a large scale at various public places like restaurants, hotels, airports, etc. That’s not all. The system can be used in cars as well as mobile phones that cover around 80 different types of devices.

Race for Wireless Charging

Apart from Qi, there are other two competitors A4WP and PMA. The A4WP and PMA cover a total of 200 companies including electronics, computing and telecom. The two standards will merge this year, which is likely to hasten the process of having wireless charging Smartphones 2015.

There have been unfortunately no such solution from Smartphone manufacturers to come to a common standard conclusion. However, it must be mentioned that the European Union has made an attempt to have universal chargers by the next year.

But as of now, we have to wait and see how wireless charging Smartphones 2015 shape up.

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  1. Its like unique feature if any smartphone comes with this feature. recently at earlier time before Nokia was launched pillow charger concept this was also nice but so costly let see new era we are waiting


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