World Emoji Day Brings Brand New 56 Emojis on your Smartphone

On the occasion of the World Emoji Day here are brand new 56 emojis that will give you a smile on your face and you won’t even understand.

World Emoji Day

World emoji day

Thanks to the World Emoji Day, the emojis have virtually blessed the emoji lovers with breathtaking and amusing emojis. Not one, not two, but 56 of them and they come in “all walks of life”. Emojis are fun to work with, and it was evident when SwiftKey brought an update that predicted the next emoji. And for those who don’t know, it is the fourth World Emoji Day this year. And it’s a great pleasure to welcome this new emojis from the Unicode Consortium.

These are, however, the proposed emojis. Once they get into the mainstream, they will be available for both the prominent OS platforms – Android and iOS. The smiling faces, the sad ones, the happy faces and the ones showing rage or jealousy, be it sleepy or disappointment, there are all kinds of emojis at your service.



World emoji day

For communication, the use of emojis has gone up to such an extent that users send as many as 5-6 billion emojis in a single day. This is indeed an awesome figure. And interestingly, the top 10 most used emojis do not send any negative feelings. So, this in itself is a grand tribute to the World Emoji Day.

Now, thanks to apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, and the addition of the new emojis, their use will go up. The laugh-cry and the heart eyes are two of the most used emojis. They are easy to carry over your feelings. No doubt, people all over the world prefer using them.

Which is your favorite emoji on this World emoji day? Don’t forget to comment in the box below to pour your heart out. And remember, do use emojis while commenting!


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