Write About Your Favorite Gadget And Get Paid!

We are looking for contributors to the site, especially those people who are interested in writing (and earning) on technology, gadgets, smartphones, apps, etc. You may write on any of these topics apart from reviewing the latest mobile phones.

The articles will be posted in your name, so you get the exposure as well. Each article will carry earning opportunity as well as bonus points. Once you reach the bonus points threshold, you will be credited with some extra bucks.

Here is how you can progress:









15 points for each article that is not less than 300 words.

20 points for each article that is not less than 400 words.

30 points for each article that is not less than 500 words.

Please do not post articles that are less than 300 words. You can check the number of words in the WP editor before submitting article for review. Remember word count is different in WP editor and MS Word.

But remember, even the quality of the article will be taken into account before crediting the points. Just filler content will not take you anywhere.

Once you reach 500 points, you will be credited with Rs. 250. However, you may choose to postpone and wait until you reach 1000 points in which case you earn Rs. 600 (instead of Rs. 500).

You will be paid by the 5th of the next month in which month you reach at least Rs. 2000. This means if you reach the threshold in August, you will be paid by the 5th of September.

You will be paid online, though you may opt for a check payment too. However, at the moment, Paypal will be the primary mode of payment.

Do not forget to cite the source of the stuff you are writing on. If not cited, you will be considered the authority in the particular niche and also the stuff originated from you.

Stay away from re-writing an article just for the sake of it. Your articles will be checked before publishing.

Please do not post more than two links in your entire article. The links you put in, must be related to the stuff in the article.

If found plagiarized, you will neither get to publish articles, nor get remunerated irrespective of the cash you have earned and also lose any right on the articles you have submitted until then. We value quality more than quantity.

Keep us updated of your latest contact information like your address (in case of paid check) and/or email address.

For articles performing better and carrying high value, extra bonus (which may be in the form of points or cash) will be credited.

Currently we are looking for only Indian writers.

!!!Watch this space for more information and update shortly!!!

For any queries or additional info, please Contact US!

Updated on: Sunday, October 13, 2013.

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