WWDC: Brand New Features for iPhones, iTunes And Mac

At the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company brought out a key redesign to the iOS – the mobile software along with upgrades to some Mac computers.

With this, Apple has proved once again that they still possess the ability to innovate. A new online service for music lovers has also been unveiled for the iTunes.

The new service will be known as the iTunes Radio. This service will facilitate the users for creating their very own stations, which can be done by just typing the name of the artist.

This feature then finds music pieces related to the name of the artist as well as streams it. Apple announced that through this new service is entirely free, the ads to support it.

Tim Cook, who is the chief executive of Apple, has termed the iOS7 as the “biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.” The iOS7 is the latest operating system for mobiles.

It should be mentioned that this new OS for mobiles, is the first such system that is developed under Jony Ive, the pilot hardware designer of Apple. He succeeded Scott Forstall, who was fired on the grounds of pessimistic reports regarding the novel mapping software.

However, the new design comes with a fresh color palette. The keyboard is much simpler and so are the keys. They come with gray lettering on a white flat background. Some more changes are: the absence of counterfeit leather in Calendar, the Game Center comes without the green felt and the iBookstore isn’t wood-grained anymore.

Activation Lock is a new feature in the iOS7. It disables the device even if it is turned off or anyone tries to erase the data off the phone. Siri will now have both male and female voice that looks more realistic and responsive.

Apple also came up with a key upgrade to its Mac Pro. The statement from the company said that these desktop PCs will be assembled in the US. The computer is due to be released in the later part of the year has a look like that of a metal cylinder.

Apple also introduced the MacBook Airs. The company claims that the device will have a battery that will last the whole day long. There are two variants – the 11-inch device comes with about nine hours of battery backup and the 13-inch device has 12 hours of backup. Both of these versions are on the brink of shipping.

OS X Mavericks is the preview of the Mac OS in the wings. Amongst some trivial improvements includes the tagging of documents. Search becomes easier with tags. Tagging a document like “Important” or “Urgent” helps in finding it faster.

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