Xamarin Studio 6.0 Gets Dark Theme Support

The Xamarin Studio 6.0 has got a dark theme support. And is also available for download as it gets a brand new look. Read on to know more.

Xamarin Studio 6.0

Xamarin Studio 6 presents a new look of Xamarin studio. It is one of their best releases. Developers are you ready to use it, as it is now available for use by them. In this new look, you will find many features of it. Isn’t it exciting? It has got a dark theme which makes it more likely to use. The type system is based on Roslyn which is the Microsoft’s open source .NET compiler platform.

The Xamarin Studio 6.0 is now ready for code completion and refactoring operations. There are various updates to the project model. The updates are really endless. There are many new features in it. It has a deeper integration. It contains a new dark IDE theme. For mac it is of 64 bit. There is an improved version of Google play services. There is also an update in the NuGet, iOS, enhanced debugging and many other.


After reading this article, you are surely going to be excited about this new release. For more information you can go to their websites and know about each feature in detail. This article is just to remind or make you aware of this awesome release of Xamarin Studio 6.0. Developers, be ready for it.


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