Microsoft repeals The Xbox One DRM Policies

Taking the feedback from the Xbox Community into account seriously, Microsoft has decided to discard the DRM policies for Xbox One. Now, it won’t need normal online check-ins, neither will it have any sort of constraints on game-lending.

The new announcement is a total reversal of the previously announced policies by Microsoft for games played on Xbox One. Don Mattrick, who is the Xbox executive, has said in his post that users can play based disc-based games without having to connect.

A constant internet connection isn’t required. Moreover, users can carry the Xbox One wherever they wish to and still play the games of their choice. That is pretty similar to Xbox 360. Another important announcement made in the blog post was that any Xbox One disc can run with any Xbox One console.

The users can further be able to share the games, lend, gift, trade-in or resell the disc-based games.

However, a small cost will be charged for this. The Xbox One will need the discs to stay in the tray to be able to play games.

Players won’t be able to share the games that they have downloaded. To sum up all, it will function the way the Xbox 360 does.

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