Xbox Security Bug Identified By a Five-Year Old

It would sound like a fairy tale if you were told that a five-year old boy from California has found a Xbox security bug in the Microsoft product.

But, do not get stumbled upon if you were to read that. That’s the truth and a certainly ‘wow’ moment for the little kid. How about his dad coming to know about it? Well, there was nothing to get upset about if the kid laid his hands on the videos that he shouldn’t.

Robert Davies, his dad, came to know about Kristoffer – the kid breaking open his Xbox Live account. Robert Davies told San Diego’s KGTV, “Just being 5 years old and being able to find vulnerability and latch onto that. I thought that was pretty cool.”

However, this wasn’t the first time for Kristoffer to ‘break open’ in a device in this way. Four years ago, when he was just one year old, he had broken into the Smartphone. It is understood that he ‘typed’ a set of spaces in the verification prompt of the password and get ‘access’ to the Xbox One owned by his family.Microsoft Xbox One

The kid’s parents asked him to show how he did it, when they saw him play a video game that was presumably ‘locked’.

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The matter was promptly reported to Microsoft and the little Kristoffer saw himself in the list of the “security researchers” for the March 2014 contributors. Interestingly, Kristoffer’s father Robert Davies works in the computer security field himself.

Microsoft has given Robert Davies’ family a total of four games, $50 apart from a subscription of one year to Xbox Live.

Want any shortcut or a trick to win a game? Head straight to Kristoffer.

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