Xiaomi Mi 4 India Launch Probably in January

Xiaomi Mi 4 India launch is expected to materialize for the Indian market sooner than later. If reports are anything to go by, the Smartphone may be launched in the next month – January 2015. Apart from Mi 4, Xiaomi will also be introducing the Mi TV 2 apart from their own portal. So, there’s a lot to look forward to for Xiaomi in 2015.

Xiaomi Mi 4 India Launch

The startup from China, Xiaomi has drawn out ambitious and strategic plans for the Indian market. Like for any company in digital or auto market, India is also breeding ground for the telecommunication arm too. Among these plans, the Xiaomi Mi 4 India launch is easily at the forefront of the company’s business in India.

Some of the other plans for the company include having extra value-for-money products. As the devices of the company slowly spread in India, Xiaomi will also need to peg up their after-sales services.

Recent Setback

Xiaomi recently had a setback when the Indian Air Force had brought out an alert rated as ‘medium’ on the severity factor regarding the use of the Xiaomi phones over ‘spying’. However, it was later clarified that the ‘alert’ could be more than four months old and needed correction. And yes, do not forget the Ericsson lawsuit. So, there wouldn’t remain any technical or legal issues for the Xiaomi Mi 4 India launch.

After the recent privacy ‘scare’ and the Ericsson lawsuit, Manu Jain, who is the Head of Xiaomi in India, said that the lawsuit with Ericsson didn’t hurt the business in India. He added that the company is pretty transparent and the company will take all the steps for protecting the trust of the customers.


Expanding the Company Portfolio

Xiaomi is comparatively a new, yet strong player in the Indian market and with the Xiaomi Mi 4 India launch the Chinese startup is looking to expand its portfolio. Xiaomi is taking India as a very serious marketplace and that’s why are looking to introduce any product first in India. There will also be Smartphones in various segments and that too at competitive rates from Xiaomi.

When it comes to expanding the portfolio, it also includes other products apart from just Smartphones. That is why Xiaomi will also launch the Smart TV – the Mi TV 2 apart from smart home solutions.

New Xiaomi Products in 2015

So, now here we are to give you a walkthrough of the new Xiaomi product launch in 2015

Xiaomi Mi 4

As discussed above, the Xiaomi Mi 4 is likely to be launched in January 2015. As far as the price of xiaomi Mi 4 is concerned, it could be around Rs. 20,000. But yes, Xiaomi has a pleasant habit of surprising their customers. So, do expect a price cut in the model.

Xiaomi Mi TV 2

Apart from the Xiaomi Mi 4 India launch, the company is also likely to launch Mi TV 2 – a smart TV. This will be the first of its kind TV from the company, and is likely to be introduced anytime after June next year. The price could be around Rs. 40,000.

Xiaomi Mi Band

There will also be Xiaomi Mi band to accompany the Xiaomi Mi 4 India launch next year. It is a fitness band and is expected to be in the market by the first quarter of 2015. Though the price in Indian currency isn’t yet known, it will be around USD 15.

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