Xiaomi Mi 6 Launch Added a New Feather in the Hat of Xiaomi Mi Phone Series

The wait for the Xiaomi Mi 6 launch has finally ended as the company launched the product, featuring the ever exiting and most awaited 3D curved glass, 6 GB RAM and 5.15” display.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Launch

Xiaomi Mi 6 launch was held on the occasion of the company’s 7th anniversary in China. The celebration was multi-folded with the announcement of the new product under their flagship smart phone series of Mi phones.

The product carries a simple, minimalistic yet stunning look. It company has used the frame of stainless steel glass for adding premium-ness for the first time in the product making it unique in the series of Mi. “you rarely see stainless steel used due to the difficulties in achieving mass production with it” said Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO during the launch. The CEO also mentioned the efforts put by the design team in the polishing process for continuously 12 days that consists 40 steps in total to achieve that kind of perfection.  Jun further added that “4 sided curve stainless steel glass is more expensive, but still they decided to beautify their new flagship with this expensive material

Xiaomi Mi 6 launch seemed more about the company’s success of achieving the stainless steel material for the device production.

Xiaomi Mi 6 launch

To give the phone more rounded corners, Xiaomi Mi 6 is protected with four-sided 3D glass. The great thing about the dual cameras is that it doesn’t have a bump! Yeah right! You can easily keep it in your pockets as well with less difficulty as the phone is seamlessly integrated at the back. Not only that, the fingerprint sensor is embedded into the home button itself.

Xiaomi Mi 6 launch unveils the dual stereo speakers! You read it right! To give the users an amazing sound experience while playing games and watching videos the product is capable of offering great sound with its dual stereo speakers.

You can be free from the fear or trouble of poolside lashes or rain as the phone is splash resistant as well.

Here are the complete specifications of the phone divulge at Xiaomi Mi 6 launch

  • Android 7.1 Nougat OS
  • Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor
  • 3350mAH battery
  • 15-inch QHD 2K display
  • 3D curved glass display
  • Adreno 530 GPU
  • 6GB RAM
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • 2×2 dual Wi-Fi, no headphone jack
  • 12MP wide-angle lens + 12MP telephoto lens, OIS
  • 8MP front-facing camera

During the presentation of the product at Xiaomi Mi 6 launch, the company made a comparison of the battery capacities of the previously launched Mi series phones with the latest in the series-the Mi 6 and shared with great pride that Mi 6 has the highest battery capacity which can last upto 24 hours with the support of MIUI optimization option. They said it is the highest offered by any product in the same range of the similar screen size.

The phone has 12 MP telephoto lens with optimal zoom, dual rear camera setup which provides 10X digital zoom along with ISP algorithm and 12 MP wide angle lens. It offers an additional feature of field mode that allows zealous photographers the option of blurring the background while focusing on the subject. The list is still not over! Xiaomi Mi 6 also has the 4 axis OIS feature to avoid shakes and blur due to moving captures or videos.

The company even claimed that Xiaomi Mi 6 with Snapdragon 835 gives better graphic performance compare to the iPhone 7 and can beat the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in benchmark results.

Xiaomi Mi 6 also comes in Silver coat edition. The operation and functioning of the distinct features such as four –sided curved glasses, stainless steel frame, under the glass fingerprint sensor were focused more at the event.

In addition to the silver coat edition, Xiaomi Mi 6 has another mesmerising Ceramic edition.

With all the jaw dropping hardware features of the phone, the new Mi 6 has some terrific features in store of its software section as well.  The company has one more new software feature in their basket to provide the solution for the blue rays that emits from the screen and are not much eye friendly if using phones in dark.  Xiaomi come up with the new mode for protecting the eyes of the users from the direct and bright light of the phone screen which is even milder than the night mode of various other phones. With this new mode the user can see the screen content with a reduced glare while maintaining the colors of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi 6 launch

The eye friendly feature is definitely a much needed features in the time of the today’s fast moving digital life.

After getting to know all this, you must be wondering about the price of this new gem in the Mi series.  You can get the Xiaomi MI 6 with 6GB RAM and 64GB internal storage in RMB 2499 and 6GB RAM with 128GB storage in RMB 2899. The Ceramic edition is available at RMB 2999. The phone is available in China from 28th April on their website Mi.com, Mi Home and other participating merchants.

The people present at launch of the product were provided free gifts of Mi VR Play 2 and Mi smart lamp. The product is also available at Amazon Marketplace for ₹ 4,999.

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