Xiaomi Unveils Xiaomi Note; Takes on iPhone 6 Plus

Xiaomi Corp., the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer, has unveiled the Xiaomi Note. The phone was introduced in Beijing yesterday. There is pretty much hype created around the phone as it is tagged as the biggest release of the company. The Smartphone will also be one of the most expensive Smartphones from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Note

Lei Jun, who is the, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, revealed the product in Beijing on Thursday at a press conference. Xiaomi phones are already a craze in the Indian market and the company is threatening to gain more space here. There is already stiff competition from foreign as well as local production houses to capture the Indian market.

Xiaomi Note a Threat to iPhone 6 Plus

The Xiaomi Note comes as a potential competitor and is capable of taking on none other than an iPhone model. As far as the Xiaomi Note is concerned, the CEO said that it equals Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. The new Xiaomi handset is built with a processor size that is the same as the iPhone 6 Plus. Moreover, performance wise the Xiaomi phone can match the iPhone too.

In fact, the Xiaomi Note noses ahead with being lighter and thinner. So, these two factors could fall in place for the better sales of the new Xiaomi phone. Moreover, it is bigger too.

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Release to Take Place Soon

The release of the Xiaomi Note is scheduled to take place in this month only. The date fixed is January 27. It is likely to carry a price tag of $371 or 2,299 Yuan. The Note is built with a curved display. The CEO of Xiaomi Corp. also added in the press event that the company will release another model – the Note Pro.

Future Plans for Xiaomi

Xiaomi has risen in world ranking pretty fast. In fact, they have leapfrogged to be the third largest in the world in less than five years. With such unprecedented success, no wonder, Lei Jun has eyes set on competing with the likes of Apple and Samsung. The CEO wants to overtake these two prominent major players in the industry in the next 10 years.

Plans look to be set for Xiaomi as investing in various startups is the first thing on their mind. This will assist them in pushing forward the sales of their key products like Xiaomi Note. To add to that, these startups will also help the Chinese manufacturer in providing hardware as well as software along with services.

A Bit about Xiaomi

As a matter of fact, in 2010, Xiaomi was founded for the purpose of developing software for Android-operated mobile handsets. However, their business took a new turn in 2011 when they came up with their first ever Smartphone for the local market. There has been no looking back since.

Apart from manufacturing competitor modes like Xiaomi Note, they have also manufactured routers, set-top boxes for TV sets and tablets. Apart from this, Xiaomi also plans Mi Box Mini for online video streaming.

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