Xperia XZ Torture Test: Taking Bend and Burn Test Head On

We have just stumbled upon the Sony Xperia XZ torture test. The Xperia device has been tested for some rigorous tests like bend, burn and scratch. So, what’s the result?

Sony Xperia XZ Torture Test


The Sony Xperia XZ torture test has been in the news and seen as a hot topic after the sales of the device started last monthJerryRigEverything, is very popular on YouTube with his device testing videos. He almost puts all the devices to kind of extreme tests to see how far they can be tested. And one of his recent tests was the Sony Xperia XZ durability test.

JerryRigEverything, put the Xperia XZ through three different tests – the bend test, the burn test and the scratch test.  You can watch the video below to see all the details carried out in all these three tests.

The video is indeed helpful to those users who are looking for a durable phone. There wouldn’t be any exaggeration in calling the phone a rugged smartphone after watching these tests. The video highlights the build quality as well as the durability of the Sony smartphone.

Talking a bit more about the Sony device, it comes with a set of features that easily puts it in the top-end category. The dual-SIM variant of the Xperia XZ comes with a hybrid SIM card slot. One of the USPs of the XZ is the 23MP camera on the rear and a 13MP camera for selfie. With the 23MP lens, you can do Full HD video recording. The Sony Xperia XZ is by now available in all the major markets of the world after it became available in March this year.

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