The Sony Xperia XZs Super Slow Mo – The Real Slow One!

The buzz in town has spread like fire that Sony has launched XZs in the month of February which claims to flawlessly record slow motion. But, we wonder how truthful is it to the claim.

Xperia XZs Super Slow Mo

Xperia XZs Super Slow Mo

Xperia – The champ

People are surely falling for the Xperia XZs super slow mo that’s soon going to be the market trend. Not just that, Sony’s exclusive image sensor can manage shooting videos at 960fps. This similar sensor is also incorporated in Xperia XZs and Xperia XZ Premium.

What Makes it Super Slow Motion Phone?

Contemporarily, the smartphones can record slow motions that ain’t a doubt anymore. Most of the smartphones now tend to capture up to 120-240 frames in just a second. However, what sets Xperia XZs super slow mo apart from rest is its impressively new CMOS image sensor that can track slow motion at 960fps, staying true to its name ‘super slow motion’.

This super slow motion phone is apart from another phone that Sony launched with the camera as its USP. The phone we are talking about is the Sony Xperia XA1 that came with a 23MP primary camera.

Is it that Good?

A number of explorers engaged in testing this ability of Xperia and certainly, the results were breath -taking. A YouTube channel named Phonebattles tried to explore by shooting a video of the train in super slow motion video. And the result is ridiculously unbelievable! You can watch the light signal blinking which is not blinking in reality. Instead, it is only switched on. It surely gets a thumbs up for Xperia XZs super slow mo., a reputed YouTube channel, goes ahead and compares the quality of slow-motion videos captured from both iPhone 7 Plus and Xperia XZs. Once can easily figure out the fabulously perfect feature of Xperia XZs super slow mo.

What SONY Says about it?

The technology behind it is the RAM that is accurately placed into the sensor stack, that leads to 5x faster readout and the maximum slow mo capture speed of 960fps at up to 720p resolution. It further adds that with DRAM-layer, the data readout speeds will improve effectively. The sensor, when coupled with other great features of any premium gadget, gives you an amazing picture-taking experience from your smartphone’s cam. If you are looking for a real slow motion, then Xperia XZs super slow mo should be your first pick.

We wonder what more is in store for us? Xperia XZs super slow mo is surely going to rule the market.


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