Yahoo Answers Now is available on Android & iOS in the US

The America-based giant has publicised Yahoo Answers now for the iOS and Android based platforms. As of now, it is only available for the US users. The application comes with a bundle of amazing features.

Yahoo Answers Now


Earlier, we have seen the news that portrayed Yahoo’s Answer app to come on the Android and iOS devices and now talking about Yahoo Answers Now. However, after that time we saw it was invite-only. In its latest blog post, the American giant talks about the release of the app for the iOS and Android platforms.

The official blog elaborates the app Yahoo Answers Now. The app is specifically focussed for assisting users so that they can get the best answers for their respective queries. There are a number of additional features that comes with the app. These features were previously seen on the Yahoo Answers site.

Let’s see how it works. The moment you throw a query to the, it will directly take you to the quality responders. These quality responders are actually capable of responding to all your questions.

Yahoo Answers Now has a feature of notifications. It means that after you put a question to the app, it ensures to send notifications whenever your query has been answered. By using the app you don’t need to remember the user profile information. You just have to follow the respective users and then get connected easily.

There are multiple emojis and buttons that will enhance your user experience. You can use thank you emojis for expressing appreciation. Moreover, you can also craft your queries and answers using various media with links and images as well.

The app seems to be cool, isn’t it? So what are you waiting for? Go grab the app on your smartphone. Yahoo Answers Now is available on the Play Store of your Android phone. And it is also available on the App Store of your Apple device. Well, you don’t need to think about the expenses as this app costs you nothing.

Let’s know your views about the answering app and how it has helped you to get any backlinks to your blog or site.


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