Yahoo to shut down internet search AltaVista

It’s July 8 and Yahoo is to shut down the internet search AltaVista from yesterday. The services of the revolutionary search web site will be switched off. The site was extremely popular once and could easily boast of having 20 million web pages indexed.Yahoo

The service was launched way back in 1995 and had got a tremendous response. It even had its very own crawling technology. That could easily detect the web pages apart from making a log of what those pages displayed. Yahoo had got the technology and the name 10 years ago.

It was the time when Yahoo had in 2003 purchased Overture. The secret of the popularity of AltaVista was said to be the use of fast computers that Yahoo used. That made it possible to return results faster.

But it was in 2001 when the number of such searches by Google left it behind. The credit for designing the AltaVista software goes to Briton Michael Burrows, Louis Monier, and Paul Flaherty. These three were working in Digital Equipment Corporation’s research labs.

It was reported that AltaVista was sold about 20 years back in 1993. It was sold to a venture capital company that had prepared an IPO, which was discarded during the dotcom crash in 2001. Overture then purchased it in the year 2003. The next year Yahoo acquired it.

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