YouTube Black Bars: Erased From Your iPhone

YouTube black bars will no longer be a part of your videos on YouTube. This will enhance your experience of watching a video. Enjoy to the fullest.

YouTube Black Bars

No one likes the bar reflecting on the screen when you are watching a video on your TV screen or phone screen. These days, people watch more YouTube videos on smart devices. The experience is preferred for the mobility it has. While watching, videos mesmerized us but the black bars surrounding the screen were annoying. You can get rid of these bars now. The only catch is that the update is for iPhone users only. Android users may be disappointed. Soon, there will be such update for you too. But for now, yes iPhone users win the convenience.

YouTube Black Bars

For people who still haven’t got an idea of what those black bars are. Let me explain. Whenever you rotate the screen to watch YouTube videos, you don’t get the privilege of watching the full screen of the video. You have two horizontal bars bothering the view. Those are the black bars. Were you annoyed due to them? If you were, then you won’t have to go through that annoying moment anymore. On a Twitter post by YouTube, it was mentioned that iPhone users will experience bar less video watching experience going forward. YouTube videos have been optimized for the iOS experience. YouTube tweeted the announced on last Tuesday making every iPhone user enthralled for sure.

The best part about this update by YouTube is that the video on iPhones will automatically take the shape of the screen. If the is being used vertically, the video will occupy the space of the screen vertically and similar is the case when you watch a video horizontally. Now, isn’t that an amazing innovation?

This is a superb addition to feature by YouTube for iPhone We hope that the same feature will be in existence for Android and Windows users too.


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