YouTube Channels to Subscribe if You’re Not Good at Technology

Do you always purchase the latest gadgets only to be dumbfounded when operating it? Do you find yourself googling keywords such as “how to fix a wet iPhone?” Have you experienced watching videos on how to do basic troubleshooting on your gadgets? Well, you’re not alone! Fortunately, there are dozens of YouTube channels that cater to people who are not exactly knowledgeable in the technology department.

Sit back and read on as we gather the top 5 YouTube channels that offer you a little help when it comes to technology.

  • Lifehacker

Lifehacker is your go to for tips and tricks with everything gadget related. What’s great about this YouTube channel is that they even provide hacks for everyday living. They have produced videos about jailbreaking smartphones, beginner’s guide to different operating systems and even how to build an entire computer from scratch. They’ve even sorted out their published videos into categorized playlists so you can easily choose the video you need. Planning to create a website? How about tips for a faster WiFi? If so, Lifehacker is the channel to subscribe to.

  • MKBHD (Marques Brownlee)

If you are the type of person who does research on the latest gadgets before making a decision to purchase it then Marques Brownlee is your guy. He is known for making in depth videos about new technologies. So, many seek his advice with his YouTube channel boasting of over 3.4 million subscribers. He reviews every possible gadget he can get a hold of from smartphones, cameras, sound systems and mp3 players. Before anyone else gets to do a review on the newest released smartphone, he already has a video up about it. What’s great about his channel is that he’s been doing it for years so all his videos are carefully produced and polished. He is not your amateur gadget reviewer. Make sure to follow him for the latest tech review for your decision making needs. You’ll never know, maybe that new smartphone you’ve been waiting for isn’t living up to its expectations. Let Marques Brownlee be the judge for you!

  • Everything Apple Pro

Based on his name, you’ll know that this channel is all about the Apple products. From iPhones, iPads and iPods, this guy does everything including reviews, unboxing, jailbreak, comparisons and even drop tests. This guy is willing to break a few iPhones just to give the best review. He doesn’t do it for laughs though; he tests the sturdiness of each smartphone to help consumers decide if this is the right mobile for them. This YouTube channel is one of the few who are willing to go the extra mile for quality reviews. Expect seeing pristine iPhones being bent and broken for the sake of expertise.

  • Austin Evans

If you need someone to rely on for tough questions about technology, Austin Evans is there for you. He does your usual tech and gadget reviews but apart from that, he listens to his subscribers and lets his channel become a forum for those who need advice on whether or not a 400 dollar smartphone is worth it or which smartphone is the best phone that can be used for gaming. His focus is not just solely on smartphones but also gaming consoles. Expect to find in depth reviews that would help people determine if a smartphone was worth its cost or not. Austin Evans is your go to channel if you want to make sure that your next smartphone purchase will be worthwhile.

  • Mobile Professor

Now, if technology is really difficult on you and I mean a complete newbie at even sending a text or an email then the Mobile Professor is for you. He takes a smartphone and creates a series of videos focus on it and how to do basic features such as sending emails, creating a ringtone and setting up Google navigation. This channel is tailor fit for those people who have no clue how to use a smartphone. If you happen to have a granma asking how to use an Apple iPad then look no further! Mobile Professor is your granma’s next best friend.


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