YouTube End Screens: Promote Videos Get More Subscribers

Now with the YouTube End Screens feature, you’ll be able to promote more of your content. Not only that, you can also get more people to subscribe to your channel.

YouTube End Screens


These days we have been seeing various features in the popular video sharing platform YouTube and one of the latest to adore it is the YouTube End Screens. Videos are seen as one of the easier marketing methods that are equally easy to reach the heart of the viewers. Though we see many more suggestions when a video ends playing, there is the End Screens feature as well.

So, what’s the YouTube End Screens and how will it allow the creators to promote their videos and get more subscribers? This new feature is a tool that works well on your mobile phones. When the video is coming to an end, in the final 10-20 seconds, the video creators can put in thumbnails that will showcase the best of their videos. This can be something like “difficult to miss” or “you can’t miss” kind of stuff.

This is the time when you can ask the viewers for watching more of your videos or ask them to subscribe to the channels. What we are talking here about is the mobile tool. Those who are into the YouTube video making or who know how it works might be aware of the Annotations, which is a tool that can be used only on the desktop version. The best part of this is that it allows putting clickable links as well. This is almost the same as creating YouTube End Screens.

However, doing all these things manually aren’t necessary from now on due to the newest feature launched by YouTube. It is expected that the new YT feature will very soon be brought for all video creators on the platform.


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