YouTube introduces new features for seamless uploading videos

If you need to often upload videos to YouTube, and are facing trouble often, then you are in for some good news. YouTube has come up with not one, but two updates that will make life much simpler when it comes to uploading videos.
Balazs Dezso. Who is the YouTube engineer has spoken about the changes made to the video web site here. As a matter of fact, YouTube had got messages about the dull and tedious uploading. Taking a serious note of this, YouTube has decided to bring in a couple of new changes.

The first important change was that of the upload notification through email. It takes a lot of patience to wait and refresh the page time and again until the video is uploaded. Now with the new development, a user can do any other work until the video gets uploaded.
If you have only the slower internet to work with, this feature will be extremely helpful. Until the video uploads, you will be able to send messages about the new video to your friends on the mailing list. It is the ease of sharing, in short.
The second feature is about channels having high following. The videos in the channels will be private now, by default. You will then be able to say if and when you wish to publish it. The upside of this feature is that it will give user enough time to put in all the details regarding the video while it uploads.

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