YouTube Mobile Viewership: 180m Viewership in Indian Market

YouTube mobile viewership has reached 180 million active monthly viewership in the Indian market. This is quite a milestone considering it’s on mobile devices stats only.

YouTube Mobile Viewership

YouTube mobile viewership
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YouTube mobile viewership has got a good boost in the Indian market. The number of monthly active users has reached a cool milestone of 180 million. That’s not all. There are also some independent content creators in India that have more than 10 lakh subscribers. Considering the overall stats for YouTube, their worldwide subscribers are over one billion who watch over one billion of hours of videos on a daily basis.

David Powell, the Director, Online Partnerships and Development, YouTube, APAC said:

“The content ecosystem has matured in the last year due to improved internet access. With over 300 million smartphone users in the country, creators are coming from tier-2 and -3 cities.”

In the last year, there were at least 500 content creators who got more than 100,000 subscribers. Well, this YouTube mobile viewership stats are simple as explaining in the way, where at least one content creator is reaching the 100,000 subscribers in India every day of the year.

However, it was not only about YouTube mobile viewership alone. Mega social networking site Facebook has also crossed monthly subscribers of more than 180 million, 184 million subscribers to be specific. Facebook-owned WhatsApp also had handsome figures and better than these other two. WhatsApp has already crossed the 200 million mark in the last month.

YouTube Fanfest is an event Google organizes, so the content creators get an opportunity for them to talk with their fans as well.

Apart from what David Powell said above, he added:

“We are ramping up our ecosystem to make India a successful content creator for communities in Asia. We will ramp up our efforts in creator community events across the country with a big focus.”


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